Discover a Life of Happiness, Calm and Well-being. Reach your Highest Potential.

T'ai Shendō is a way of life lived with peace, purpose, deep contentment and in relationship to our world. It is a way of achieving our highest potential as human beings in health and well-being spiritually, mentally and physically.

T'ai Shendo has its origins in the Chinese Pure Land Buddhist and Taoist traditions and dates back to 607AD.

All human being seek happiness, health and well-being. T'ai Shendō is an integrated system to achieve these ends based upon the Five Foundations of Health and Well Being. It fits well with our modern fast paced life
Most approaches to health and psychology tend to concentrate on one area. T'ai Shendō concentrates on the inter-relationship of causes and Five crucial components to maintain  better mental health, physical health and a soulful centred life.

A Centre of Healing, Spirituality, Learning and Personal Growth

The T'ai Shendō Institute facilitates trainings, workshops, retreats, coaching and one on one counselling.

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness Skills 
  • Naikan
  • T'ai Shendō Classes
  • T'ai Shendō Teacher Training and Development
  • T'ai Shen Qigong

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching enables you to live a full, rich and purposeful life in spite of life's struggles.Click on Mindfulness Training for further details
New T'ai Shendo Classes Sydney

T'ai Shendō is a health training that combines movement, meditation, mindfulness and healthy living.

New classes beginning in Sydney

Click on T'ai Shendo Classes for details


 Neuro-Reprocessing Therapy (NRT)is an effective process for issues of trauma, depression, anxiety and pain management.

Click on Our Centre for more details

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