Awaken to Life of Happiness, Calm and Well-being. Reach your Highest Potential.

Live a life lived with peace, purpose, deep contentment and in relationship to your world. Achieve your highest potential as human beings in health and well-being spiritually, mentally and physically.

What holds you back from living the life you want to live?

The fact is that most people only live on the surface of happiness and inner peace. Ingrained patterns of thought processes and previous experience most often prevent people living the life they want to live. This in turn sets up further despair. It becomes a viscous cycle.

Are You Addicted to Your Own Suffering?

Chances are you are! The negative habit patterns act like an addiction except you are addicted to the emotional state that leads to the pain and suffering (and as equally to the peace and joy!). Water will always follow a pathway which it has eroded out.  The established pathway needs altering if the patterns are going to change.

You may notice patterns of behaviour - ways of thinking, relating and feeling that very often limit you. Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to be successful and confident? It is because their unconscious habit patterns are positive and this leads them to positive and successful action and outcomes.

Though little known and even less understood, the concept of samskaras (ingrained patterns of habit) is crucial to our well-being and ending the treadmill of often repeated behaviour patterns, emotions and physical pain and illness.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching enables you to live a full, rich and purposeful life in spite of life's struggles.Click on Mindfulness Training for further details
New T'ai Shendo Classes Sydney

T'ai Shendō is a health training that combines movement, meditation, mindfulness and healthy living.

New classes beginning in Sydney

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'Gratitudinal' Therapy

 The power of gratitude

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