T'ai Shen Do - T'ai Shen Dō: A Way of Life in Pure Land Buddhism
Discover a Life of Happiness, Calm and Well-being. Reach your Highest Potential.

Welcome to the T'ai Shen Centre, a quiet space.
You can discover something very special.

Buddhism is essentially a way to happiness.  In Buddhism we are able to reach our fullest and highest human potential for compassion, peace, joy and prosperity.
Many people look outside to find happiness but happiness and perfect freedom can only come from within our heart-minds.
Here you will find a path to happiness. Not any path and any happiness. This is different. This is an abiding happiness and a perfect freedom of mind in your highest potential.


You have come here as your karma has brought you to this space.

T'ai Shen Dō is Pure Land Buddhism.  At the heart of Pure Land Buddhism is Amida Buddha, the Buddha of Immeasurable Light and Life.  How do you describe ultimate happiness beyond comprehension? How do you describe a Cosmic Energy of Pure Love and Peace? The Pure Land and Amida Buddha are reflections of these. As we enter the timeless space of Amida Buddha through meditation the mind is able to gradually let go of an illusion it has taken for the real thing.
You can't get Pure land by reading about it. You must experience it. Here is a place to start. 

The T'ai Shen Centre's vision is for every being to reach their highest potential as Awakened and Enlightened beings realizing Pure Land on earth. This is the right of every being to attain ultimate freedom of mind - freedom from afflication and freedom to realize their true and beautiful purpose.
Meditation Room

Click on the picture to enter the meditation room for daily meditations.
Healing Room

Click on the picture to enter the Healing Room for daily healing thoughts and practices.

Healing through the Mind

 Upcoming Trainings, Workshops, Retreats Personal Healing.

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